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Fabrica de Tarimas y Embalajes Industriales en Reynosa
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We have robust, competitive and reliable production processes, as they are driven by process charts and the staff goes through a previous training which, once finished, is monitored until they finish their learning curve and in that way, we make sure to keep the quality and the supply of our products.

All of this is monitored through the following processes and formats:

  • Quality audit and checklist in process
  • Verification of first piece, at the beginning of shift and change of model
  • Verification format of "Rate" per hour
  • Visual audit at the end of each lot



We have a treatment furnace with a capacity of 480 standard measuring pallets per treatment cycle, which lasts an estimated time of 4 hours, and therefore we have a capacity of 1440 pallets in a work shift, which doubles to be necessary in production cases.

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